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Welkom op de site van KV Rijnland. Hier vindt u informatie over de activiteiten van onze verenging. Wij verzorgen diverse trainingen en cursussen voor uw hond(en). Ook organiseren wij jaarlijks een internationale tentoonstelling op de locatie het Plantarium te Hazerswoude. Voor 2019 is de datum die u kunt reserveren in de agenda: zaterdag 23 en zondag 24 maart 2019. Zie ook de showwebsite: Het gehele jaar door worden diverse activiteiten georganiseerd. Houdt u de website in de gaten voor nieuwe informatie. Veel plezier op onze website.

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Show 2016 English


The 21st International dog show
with award of the CAC and CACIB for all breeds

On 19 and 20 March 2016 organizes KV Rijnland her 21st International CAC/CACIB dog show: a few wonderful show days where nearly 2000 dogs will be judged by a selected group of judges from Belgium, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Romania.

For the List of Judges click here

Our show takes place in the bright Hall of the Plantarium, Denemarkenlaan 9 to Hazerswoude-Dorp, 2391 PZ Netherlands.

Parking is free.

The tests start both Saturday and on Sunday at 10 am. There is a catalogue in which all dogs listed in the variety of classes and in which ring they approved.

At the end of the show days the Best of Breed in his/her group will be selected. Prior are the Best Puppy, Best Veteran and Best of the Couples chosen.

On both days we will organize Junior Handling.

On Sunday the best of the 10 groups will come in the ring to decide who to the best of the exhibition, the so-called ‘Best-In-Show’, will be elected.


Dogs from Netherlands, must be sufficiently vaccinated through (regular) vaccinations which arguably is.

Dogs coming from abroad must have a vaccination certificate against rabies, dated at least 21 days before the exhibition and not older than 12 months or three years (depending on the vaccine). This vaccination certificate can be checked upon entry.

To register your dog (s) click here

Visitors are welcome!

These days are very interesting to retrieve knowledge or get information about the different breeds. Or when you consider to buy a dog and want to make a good choice.

In addition to the dogs, there are demonstrations on both days of dog sport. In addition, you will find dozens of stands with a varied selection of everything that is for sale is on the area of the dog: baskets, benches, food, toys, combs, brushes, belts, etc.


Payment exhibitors

The entry fee is € 57,50 for the 1st dog (incl. access for 1 person + catalogue)

For baby- and puppy class the entry fee is € 35,00

Extra entry tickets Adults € 10,00

Extra entry tickets (up to 12yr/65+) € 5,00

You cannot pay cash at the show; exceptions can be made in specific individual cases only on request and if agreed by the organiser of the show beforehand.

Visitors pay € 10,00 to enter the show. Adults 65+ en children up 12 years pay € 5,00

In case you bring your dog with you we ask € 5,00 for the dog.

Catalogue € 5,00

The exhibition is held with permission of and in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) and the Raad van Beheer (on Kynologisch area in Netherlands).


The Dogs Welfare Team of the Raad van Beheer is present at the show.


Our sponsor is Happy Dog